COP27 ends with a landmark deal


November 29, 2022


El-Tûr, Egypt


Nov 21

COP27 ends with a landmark deal

COP27 ends with a landmark deal

Nearly 200 countries agreed to establish 7 key outcomes from loss and damage to 1.5c goal and adaptation on climate change. The landmark deal concludes two weeks of climate talks at #COP27

We shared our experience in Cities and Climate Action through various engagements at Sharm El-Sheikh. Among topics discussed were implementation of the NUA and introducing the Malaysia SDG Cities programe to strengthen cities into an engine of solutions to face climate change,reducing inequalities and strengthening resilience.

The delegation from Urbanice Malaysia and Ministry of Housing and Local Government were presented by our CEO, TPr Ts Norliza Hashim and Dr. Siti Muhaza Binti Sheik Zainal, Undersecretary of Policy and Inspectorate Division for the Ministry of Housing and Local Governments, Malaysia.

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