SDG 11 Malaysia National Roadmap Workshop


June 19, 2024




Mar 13

SDG 11 Malaysia National Roadmap Workshop

SDG 11 Malaysia National Roadmap Workshop

We wish to express our gratitude to all participants for their invaluable contributions. The recent SDG 11 Malaysia National Roadmap Workshop, hosted by KPKT, saw the participation of nearly 70 individuals representing a diverse array of stakeholders, including UN agencies, ministries, government bodies, local authorities, professionals, and academicians. The workshop commenced with an inauguration by Datuk Saidatu Akhma Hassan, Deputy Chief Secretary (Sustainable Planning and Environment) of KPKT.

Initiated by UNESCAP in collaboration with URBANICE Malaysia and with KPKT serving as the national focal point, the workshop aimed to facilitate dialogue and gather feedback on Malaysia’s advancements towards the targets set by Sustainable Development Goal 11.

This report provides a comprehensivesummary of the workshop, spotlighting the crucial insights gathered and theprogress made towards achieving SDG 11.

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