SDG Localization With Simunjan District Council, Sarawak


February 7, 2023


Kuching, Sarawak


Dec 9

SDG Localization With Simunjan District Council, Sarawak

SDG Localization With Simunjan District Council, Sarawak

KUCHING, 9 DEC: It is within cities, and with local actors, that the localization of the SDGs can be most effective. Following the previous engagement with Sarawak cities on July 2022, Simunjan District Council (MDS) took another step ahead in engaging with their community leaders in SDG localization. A two-day workshop was held with the councillors from Simunjan District Council with the aim to raise awareness and advocate for the active role of local actors in the localization of the SDGs and support them to make decisions that contribute towards the achievement of the SDGs.

The workshop was held for two days in Kuching, with URBANICE Malaysia facilitated the discussion with local stakeholders, examine their own strategies to align them with the SDGs and exchange best practices on actions they can take for each SDGs.

Simunjan District is located approximately 176km from Kuching city. The Simunjan District Council has an area of 2,217.67 square km. The main activities of the residents are the cultivation of swamp rice, working in coconut plantations and working in logging companies.

Malaysia SDG Cities drawn up by URBANICE MALAYSIA, aims to support local and regional governments and other local stakeholders in implementing the 2030 Agenda at local level.

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