National Urban Forums (NUFs) were established, with excellent results, in a number of countries creating the enabling environment to promote dialogue and consensus among stakeholders, including national government, local authorities, grass-root organizations, private sector and academia among others.
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Malaysia Urban Forum 2024

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About MUF

Malaysia Urban Forum 2024 (MUF2024) addresses critical aspects of urbanization and sustainability. This includes tackling urbanization challenges, promoting sustainable urbanization, confronting climate change, and catalyzing sustainable and resilient urban development.
  • Knowledge Base Building

    With more than 24 million Malaysians living in urban areas, it has and will continue to place great stress on our local resources as we strive to meet needs and demands to support growth and development. These challenges include the impact of urbanization on the environment and climate change, affecting livelihoods, food systems, water and air quality, as well as the socio-economic inequalities of our communities.

  • Embracing Sustainable Urbanization

    Embracing sustainable urbanization brings great opportunities for change, and when well managed and planned, urbanization has the potential to become a positive transformational force for every aspect of sustainable development.

  • Addressing Climate Change

    In the context of the climate crisis, addressing climate change also requires transformation, where climate actions with positive impacts can shift and accelerate the trajectory of progress towards a climate-neutral, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable development pathway.

  • Catalyzing Sustainable & Resilient Urbanization

    MUF2024 aims to explore transformative actions that will catalyze sustainable and resilient urbanization. They seek high-impact initiatives that demonstrate transformative progress despite challenging circumstances and hope to mobilize the leadership of all key stakeholders to bring SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) solutions to scale between now and 2030.

Contribution of Malaysia Urban Forum to National Sustainable Development

The forum covers a wide range of topics related to urban development, including sustainable urban planning, affordable housing, transportation, and disaster resilience. MUF contributes to sustainable development in Malaysia in the following ways:

Promoting inclusive debates and discussions

Sharing of solutions and ideas

Outcome-driven discussions


Continuous dialogue

Mobilizing communities



Download the daily bulletin for MUF 2023:Catalysing Transformative Action for Sustainability and Resilient Urbanisation


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Impact Malaysian Urban Forum 

MUF measures the impact of its sustainable development initiatives on local communities. However, it is common for organizations and forums MUF to employ various methods to assess the impact of their initiatives. Here are some potential approaches that MUF could use to measure impact:
  • Surveys and feedback

    The forum could conduct surveys or collect feedback from local communities to gauge their perceptions, satisfaction, and the effectiveness of the initiatives implemented;

  • Case studies and success stories

    The forum could document and share case studies and success stories that highlight the positive changes and outcomes resulting from sustainable development initiatives in local communities;

  • Indicators and metrics

    The forum could develop specific indicators and metrics to track and measure the progress and impact of sustainable development initiatives on various aspects, such as social, economic, and environmental factors;

  • Stakeholder engagement

    The forum could engage in ongoing dialogue and consultation with local communities to understand their needs, aspirations, and challenges. This engagement can provide insights into the effectiveness and impact of the initiatives;

  • Collaborative monitoring and evaluation

    The forum could collaborate with relevant stakeholders, including government agencies, NGOs, and academic institutions, to establish a monitoring and evaluation framework that assesses the impact of sustainable development initiatives on local communities.

It is important to note that the specific methods used to measure impact may vary depending on the nature of the initiatives and the available resources. MUF may employ a combination of these approaches or develop its own tailored approach to measure the impact of its sustainable development initiatives on local communities.

MUF 2023 Sessions

MUF program includes for categories of partner-driven events: Training Workshop, Side Events, Exhibition and Social Enterprise Platform.

  • Opening and Closing Ceremony
  • Assemblies
  • High-level Dialogue
  • Special Sessions
  • Roundtable
  • Shah Alam City Stage
  • Training Workshop
  • Urban Lab
  • Side Event
  • Exhibition
  • Social Enterprise Platform

MUF2023 Programme & Booklet

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Your Role in MUF

As an OrganiSation

As a City or Local Government

As A Government

As an Individual

What to expect at MUF?

Great networking with participants from every walk of life

Voice your views and give ideas for the urban plans for future Malaysia

Join the conversation and participate in discussions with like minded people

Listen to talks from experts of varied fields and backgrounds

View and learn from the Exhibition that showcase various solutions to urban challenges

Practical Info

Malaysia Urban Forum 2024 Venue information will be added in the near future

Malaysia Urban Forum 2024 Opening & Registration information will be added in the near future.

Malaysia Urban Forum 2024 Hotel & Accommodation information will be added in the near future.

Limetree Hotel
317, Jalan Abell, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak
+608 2414 600
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Please contact hotel for more information
Hotel Grand Continental Kuching
Lot 322, Section 46, Jalan Ban Hock, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak
+608 223 0399
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Booking Period: 
Immediate effect till 31 Dec 2023
UCSI Hotel Kuching
Lot 2864, Block 7, Muara Tebas Land, 93450 Kuching, Sarawak
+608 2596 612
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Immediate Effect until 8/11/2023
Cove 55
Lot 55, Jalan Sultan Tengah, 93010 Kuching, Sarawak
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Immediate Effect until 8/11/2023
Meritin Hotel Kuching
315, Jln Padungan, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak
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Immediate Effect until 8/11/2023
Imperial Hotel
76, Jalan Datuk Tawi Sli, Taman Seng Goon, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak
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Immediate Effect until 8/11/2023
Damai Beach Resort
Damai Beach Resort, Teluk Bandung, 93756 Kuching, Sarawak
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Immediate Effect until 8/11/2023

The Forum will be conducted in Malay and English with access to sign-language.

Malaysia Urban Forum 2024 Access & Transportation information will be added in the near future.

Opening and Registration
Hotel Information
Access and Transportation

Kuching: The Host City of MUF2023

Kuching is the most populous city in the state and the epicentre of business and economy especially in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals, technology, arts and culture among many more. While the city is popular for its business landscape, it is also known for its tapestry of culture, adventure, nature, food and festivals.

Sarawak's development strategies account for and prioritise environmental sustainability as exemplified by our early investment in renewables through the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy. This commitment continues and is embedded in our Post COVID-19 Development Strategy, with environmental sustainability being identified as one of three main pillars that will support our drive to achieve high income status by 2030 while simultaneous ensuring a clean and healthy environment for all.

Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara as Host City

"As the host of MUF2023, Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara is confident that with close collaboration with Urbanice and other strategic partners, MUF2023 can be successfully executed and achieve the set obiectives."

Sarawak celebrated the 60th anniversary of independence Diamond Jubilee on 22nd July 2023 with the theme Prosperous Progressive Sarawak. Sarawak's Post Covid-19 Development Strategy (PCDS) 2030 is implementing various measures to stimulate the economy, increase our productivity and to be competitive in the global market.